3 Tips to producing better content

For Realtors, creating video content can be difficult!  The first video I ever made took 88 takes for a two minute video.  Let me say that again, 88 takes.  For a 2-minute video.

There I was, in a suit and tie, trying to “perfect” it and project the “right” image.

I was trying to be someone I’m not.  Suit and ties just aren’t my thing. I look uncomfortable in those videos. And guess what? No one cared that I was all dressed up in a suit and tie or that it took me 88 takes to get the video “just right”.

People wanted to see the real, authentic me. The one that was naturally more confident, because I was being me! Once I realized that people really only wanted to see the real, authentic me then producing content was easy.  

Trust me, producing content can be easy. You don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be consistent! So how easy is it to produce content as a realtor?

For my podcast Change Agent Radio, I had an amazing interview with Jonathan Garrick of Movement Mortgage. Jonathan is the Market Leader at Movement Mortgage and has been producing content for well over a decade. In our interview, Jonathan outlines how easy it is to product great content and get it out to your audience

“Content is providing value to the marketplace, providing value.  It’s about what you can bring to the marketplace that adds value and connects you to your audience.”, Jonathan says.

So how do you come up with content? Content doesn’t have to be all technical and full of jargon.  It doesn’t have to be long-winded.  It’s about what you experience every day that you can share to provide value and connect to your target audience. One thing you want to keep in mind at core your content must educate, entertain and inform. 

So how can you create a strategy to produce your content and get it out to your audience?  You’ll want to: 

  • Schedule time to create video content: Schedule time in your journal or or calendar to create content.  This blocks your time so that you can plan and create what you want to share that’s relevant, educational, entertaining, and informative.
  • Keep a video content journal: Keep a video content journal of your pieces of content that helps you to plan your content strategy so you can deliver your message and again, connect with your audience.  
  • Publish your content​​​​​​​: Don’t wait for your technique to be “just right”. Put your content out to your social networks and email newsletters NOW!  Over time your videos will get better, but more importantly, your audience will connect with you now because they see the real, authentic YOU!

You don’t have to have 6 different camera angles and shoot 88 takes like I did for a 2 minute video.  All you need is a smartphone, and your badass self.  

Schedule your time, keep a content journal and publish your content now and watch your influence and business grow to heights you hadn’t even thought about!

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