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What is Real Estate Coaching?

Well, to many people, it means many things. After all, it seems like everyone is claiming to be some type of coach nowadays. To some coaching is just the rah, rah, mindset stuff. To others, it’s all about accountability. I’ve always had coaches. some are great, but some are terrible.

A great coach will help you:

      • Gain clarity, by helping you build a plan.
      • Set achievable goals and provide you with the framework to hit those goals.
      • Track and measure along the way to see what is working and what is not, so you can make adjustments quickly.
      • Get out of your own way, so you can focus on income producing activities and increase your dollar per hour.
      • and finally, implement a layer of strong accountability.

Jay’s 3-Step Coaching Process


Based on the four pillars to a highly profitable real estate business, we will identify exactly where in your business you need immediate focus and we'll produce instant results.


We then implement the right strategies based on your business to ensure that you are successful and are going to get results.


We identify the most effective practices in your business and we build support and structure around those in order to fuel your superpower and help you sell more homes and have more time to focus on the things you love.

How is Coaching with Jay Berube Different?

      • I have the track record: sold 1,400 homes. Built multiple 7 figure businesses, and I understand who you are and what you need to grow your business. 
      • Peak Performance focuses on the result and provides the tools. Yes, i actually provide you with the tools and give you the next step forward so you dont ever have to wonder, “what do i do next”?
      • my approach is that I will build you up, and make you better… but I will also be honest with you, and call you out on your own B.S. 
      • I will push you outside of your comfort zone, I will help you become better every day, and if you listen and put in the work.



Do You Have the Right Mindset?

      • You know, my favorite Tony Robbins quote, the biggest breakdowns lead to the biggest breakthroughs.
      • The reality is, in order to achieve huge gains in your business, you must have a growth mindset. 
      • Become the absolute best version of you, this is what I help my coaching clients do!
      • If you are ready to invest in your business and invest in yourself, schedule your free, private one-on-one call.

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