How to Dominate Your Farm with Tyler Steenken of Cole Realty Resource

Recently I had an opportunity to interview Tyler Steenken, New Business Development Manager at Cole Realty Resource. If you don’t know what Cole Realty Resource is then you should, as it is a killer resource for growing your realty business. Cole Realty Resource has been a large part of the real estate industry, as an incredible lead generation resource.

As Tyler says, ” We’ve been around forever for 70 years. So prior to technology, prior to the Internet, folks used these big blue books called criss cross directories. So if you’re any small business, including a real estate agent, you’d buy one of these books and find the community and street(s) you were looking for and get all the homeowner information, including house number, phone numbers and things like that.”

“So any small business like in real estate, do you want to invite neighbors and open house? Oh, go open directory. Find anybody who lives on that, on that street. Fast forward to where we’re at now, we provide cell phone numbers and emails included with landlines for everybody with tied to an address and within a specific neighborhood. So if you want to know everybody who lives in a specific subdivision, we can tell you the addresses or phone numbers or emails, all that.”

The Cole Realty resource directory is a valuable resource for any agent, whether you’ve been in business for some time and want to grow your leads and listings or just starting out and want to create your leads and listings. I asked Tyler for some helpful tips on how real estate agents could dominate their farm

Tyler Steenken’s farm domination steps:

  1. Find your farm, figure out which one would you want it to be and why it needs to be your farm.
  2. Introduce yourself, a community event of some sort like movies in the park, park free slushies, a community food drive, these are all great ways to introduce yourself to the community.
  3. Create create your email newsletter. Get the email addresses of the homeowners in your neighborhood/community and start providing value as the industry expert.
  4. Alert your neighbors, of any sort of activity in the neighborhood, whether it’s your new listing, someone else’s listing or open houses, these are great ways to alert the neighbors and provide value.
  5. Upload your email list to Facebook and create a custom audience, that you can market to and retarget.

What happens is that you are not only providing value, but you’re everywhere and you are establishing yourself as the community expert and adding value. And what should you do with your new listings? Don’t just leverage it, but exploit it!

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