Agent Attraction Funnels

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Agent Attraction Funnels

Finally, a step-by-step guide to kvCore that frees up your time to create an avalanche of high-quality, organic leads every month.

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Deploy your own high converting Recruiting Funnel​

A funnel is kind of like a website, but much more effective. In a way, a website is a funnel, just usually not a good one.

There are different funnels for different situations. Some funnels are to generate leads, and then warm them with email nurture; some to sell products, and others to fill out applications, surveys, or quizzes. And some use them to recruit.

Our signature 3-step process


Strategy Development
Asset Creation
Analytics & Integration Setup


Drive Traffic
Generate Leads
Build Out Nurture Campaigns


Review Accuracy Of Data
Optimize Email Campaigns
Optimize Conversions

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